Candy Story

Investing structurally in financial markets is the starting point for Candy Trades to achieve constructive gains.

The choice of instruments is not insignificant: 8 indexes and 4 pairs of major currencies, which allow us to propose you a unique, simple and clear strategy.

Calculate and define risk in order to be able to achieve our financial “targets” with great probability.

Generate as many trades as possible in a very short period of time with gains of 15 to 20 points.

The strategy

The Strategy is based on the behavior of investors in real time.

1 – The Genesis strategy aims to identify clear defined market trends. It is a long strategy on indexes and currencies.
Our goal is to detect system points, from 15 to 20 points on indexes and currencies relative to our entry point.

2 – On detection of a signal, the code generates intraday signals, with a predefined target.

3 – The actual strategy includes a medium-term position in order to be succeeded in the most optimal way: 91% of our signals reach their goal within 3 days of opening.


1995: Development of the systematic algorithm “Genesis” and its strategy on Indexes, Currencies, Commodities and Stocks.

1998 -2003: Usage and evolution of the “Genesis” algorithm.

2003-2014: Evolution of the “Genesis” strategy active on a real account.

2013: Establishment of Candy Trades Start up.

Patrice Suissa: founder

I invite you to know me better every Monday to review Candy Trades and also the financial summary of the week.

1995: Negotiator at the MATIF, trading room at Crédit Agricole.

1997: Manager of private accounts on CAC40 futures at ING Bank.

1998 -2003: Money Manager of the Money Wheel Fund Custodian of Funds: at PICTET Luxembourg, Insinger de Beaufort Luxembourg.

Negotiator: Primary Broker, at Prudential-Bache, Cargill.

2003-2014: Proprietary portfolio manager Interactive Brokers.