Candy Copy

Candy Copy is the copy-trade system provided by JFD Brokers in order to follow the Candy Trades strategy on automatic mode.

How does Copy Trade work?

Candy Trades provides a strategy that is first explained to all customers.

To follow it automatically requires an open account at our broker partner JFD Brokers EU license MiFID: no.144 (I) / 2007 – BaFin: no.126399 – FCA: no.580193 – ACPR: no.74013.

After registering with Candy Trades, you must open an Account with JFD Brokers in order to benefit from the automatic strategy of Candy Copy.

As soon as your JFD Brokers account is active, we will advise you on your configuration to set appropriate lot size to your capital in terms of money management.

When sending the first candytrade, your trade will be automatically active on your account with the agreed lot size.

To ensure the announcement of the trade sent, you will receive in real time an Email or SMS (option), along with a notification of the trade to your mobile platform in order to verify at any time that your trade is active.

Copy trade is not a management mandate

You can at any time interact on the candytrade asset:

  • Either start a trade according to your own personal analysis.
  • Either close the current candytrade.
  • Either establish yourself a stop loss or change the current target.
  • Either modify your automatic configuration in terms of lots after receiving your request by Email (Note that the change is active after each closing of the markets).

In order to authenticate the automatic distribution of all candytrades we make accessible on the site a real active account with the history of all trades sent according to the strategy Candy Trades / Candy Tracker.

Candy Trades : Enjoy trading with us !