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Candy Trades is unique in its pattern and elaboration. The objective is to present you one trade at a time and to provide an exit out as WINNING TRADE on a predefine target. To achieve this outcome, 12 instruments (currencies and indexes) are proposed to you.


It is very simple for professionals or beginners to follow the strategy in real time on mobile, PC or Mac. We offer you an innovative copy trade technology with an efficient transmission of emails and SMS: Candy Copy via our partner broker: JFD Brokers (licence EU MiFID: no.144(I)/2007 - BaFin: no.126399 - FCA: no.580193 - ACPR: no.74013.)


A well-defined (clear) strategy that goes through a money management advisory is offered to have every chance of success. Defining risks, establishing a strategy configuration of money management discipline are our missions to your success.

nb trades
cumul pts
nb trades
cumul pts
* Year to date (July 2014 - Today)
the only strategy that connects
trading & structural investment
The objective of CANDY TRADES strategy is to win its trade on well-defined targets of 15 and 20 points depending on all instruments.
  • With more than 20 years of experience, our calculation system point will enable us to activate signals trades with statistical results of more than 89% return on our targets before 3 days.
  • Check our audited trades live on the Tracking Center menu.
  • The Candy Tracker allows us to realize our winning targets at a lower price on open trades after this period.
  • Key is risk management configuration.
  • Note the higher the capital lower the risk.
capital (€)
estimated configuration
in micro-lots (0.10cts/point)
estimated target average (€)
estimated total gain (€)
* Year to date (July 2014 - Today).
   Past performance is not an indication of future results.
the candy trades concept is
simple in its use
We send you the Candytrade live and you can obtain in two ways:
  • In copy trade: Candy Copy on your own account opened at JFD brokers.
  • By Email / SMS: alerts informing the active price reference and the target given.

1 - We advise you an optimal batch size compared to your capital in order to achieve your trade winner.

2 - Access to an advanced technology JFD Brokers / Candy Trades to obtain your trade directly to your JFD Brokers account. You can consult your account and the trade evolution in real time on the mobile application Metatrader4, your PC or your Mac.

3 - Emails / SMS alerts are sent in real time so you can monitor the execution of your trade at any time, which is numbered and archived on our Tracking Center menu.

Note the copy trade also gives you free access to your trading information so you can at any time interact or not with the trade sent.
clarity and transparency are
essentials for candy trades
The understanding of the strategy as a whole, the choice of supports, the Candy Tracker, the awareness of triggered trades, targets achieved.
  • The risk is determined and known in advance by the client, the calculation of money management and the ratio gain / risk.
  • Triggering of trades: copy trade Emails / SMS alerts, Updated opinions on the market and trends.
  • Tades tracking: tracking center and of trades statistics available in real time on the website.
The purpose of Candy Trades strategy is to accomplish gains built over time with clear client understanding.
For that
You are invited to participate!
  • Candy Trades has been successful since our partnership with JFD Brokers.
  • Our services will improve based on trust established between you and us.